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Quality policy


This is what we stand for, this is what we act upon!

Organisation has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2003.


With efficient solutions in Control and Automation, Intralogistics, Vision Control and Inspection Technology, we ensure stable processes and product safety. We regularly introduce innovative approaches and novel concepts.

Customers are our partners, they decide on the success and further development of our company. That is why we systematically orient ourselves to the sales market. The needs of our clients are the focus of our daily activities. The early recognition of wishes and future trends is an essential factor for our long-term success. With ideas, knowledge and experience, we create forward-looking products. We see the high expectations and special requirements of our clients as a challenge to constantly search for innovations and previously unthought-of solutions. Thinking the decisive step ahead gives us the edge in the market.

We want to reliably maintain our stable quality management system, adapt it to changing circumstances and continuously develop established processes. Thus, it is our task to question processes and implementations again and again and to pursue forward-looking approaches through continuous improvement. Our vision is to systematically increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and solutions we offer. In doing so, we see recognised errors as an opportunity to gain a knowledge advantage. All employees have the duty and the right to actively contribute to error prevention as well as to the earliest possible discovery of errors and their immediate elimination. Ensuring compliant results and averting adverse effects are at the forefront of daily work. Risk-based thinking throughout the workforce forms the basis for this. We are also aware of the possible dangers that we may encounter in our daily work. To manage them, we carry out a systematic opportunity/risk assessment throughout the company.

An above-average qualification and motivation of our employees is the fundamental prerequisite for our company's success. Therefore, it is our concern to ensure necessary knowledge and to build up additional skills with regular training and a flow of information without delays. By defining measurable goals, we commit ourselves to continuous performance improvement. The responsibility for implementing our quality policy is borne equally by bodies and positions. Working for us means, in summary, being flexible, committed, competent and innovative in responding to different requirements and achieving extraordinary results in a dynamic team.

We pay special attention to our environment. We are aware that most of the resources available today are finite. It is therefore a matter of course for us to handle valuable raw materials appropriately and to operate in a holistically sustainable manner. For this reason, we place appropriate notes on both the customer and supplier side so that all parties involved in the product creation process can make their contribution to an intact environment. It is often possible to specifically use materials that are gentle and compatible while still ensuring full functionality.