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Everything flows – with our complete solution for automated material transport

As established specialists in automation and control technology, we have been strong and reliable partners of industry for over 20 years. With our efficient complete solution for autonomous material flows in production, we move you into a new dimension.

Transport and warehouse processes are accelerated, existing capacities are optimally utilised and, as a result, production and assembly processes are made more efficient than ever before. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are the solution partners for process automation, from the unloading of the truck and the in-plant transport with laser- or guideline-controlled shuttles in the production to storage and retrieval as well as the final loading of the truck.

Industry solutions:


Food and beverage industry


Woodworking and furniture production


Paper and print products

Metal and glass industries


Trade and logistics


What distinguishes the KS CONTROL autonomous logistics system from conventional logistics systems!

On the one hand, we automate the loading and unloading of trucks with transport loads of up to 10 metric tons right from the storage place, while on the other we take care of the efficient and cost-saving in-plant transport of goods with our flexibly usable iMCSKS material flow and control software with the integration in the control system of the autonomous laser-controlled iLifterKS as well as the laser- or guideline-controlled iShuttleKS.

Automatic loading and unloading of trucks
The automatic loading and unloading of general cargo avoids personnel bottlenecks and the simultaneous reading of the barcode on the general cargo by a camera ensures the further tracking of the goods without repeated barcode checking.

Flexible general cargo retrieval
With laser-controlled path guidance and camera-assisted storage location recognition, the iLifterKS can intermediately store general cargo centrally and flexibly on call near the picking station in row or block storage.

Warehouse loading and storage place optimisation
The iMCSKS warehouse management and control software in combination with iShuttleKS and iLifterKS with camera recognition of the pallet storage places allows efficient and safe pallet place optimisation in the rack (LIFO/FIFO).

In-plant goods flow
The in-plant transport of goods/general cargo is carried out flexibly in accordance with the respective warehouse and production requirements by the independently navigating iShuttleKS.

Future-proof with full networking
The iMCSKS material flow and control software was specially developed for modern warehouse logistics and is compatible with standard ERP systems. It can be flexibly updated at any time and adapted to future transport and storage requirements.

Our components for the autonomous flow of goods from the truck


Specialists with a load capacity of up to 10 metric tons for individual requirements


Intelligent material flow control system


Our Services:

Project planning

  • Consulting/planning
  • Process analysis
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Plant planning
  • Process layout
  • 3D plant simulation
  • Collision analysis
  • Personal safety


  • Engineering/design
  • EPLAN electrical design
  • Controller and control cabinet construction
  • Machine & plant construction
  • Individual goods flow and control software
  • Programming
  • Vision control
  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Commissioning
  • Employee training


  • Maintenance and repair service
  • Data analysis
  • Telephone support
  • Error evaluation and rectification
  • On-site service
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