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Cost-effective closure and empty bottle inspection

With our inspectors for returnable empty bottles and for closure checking, we are taking new roads in inspection reliability, machine design and functionality. Many solutions on the market are oversized, space-consuming and require a great deal of maintenance. These disadvantages are problems for small and medium-sized breweries and bottling companies, which we solve with an intelligent, flexibly expandable modular system from partial to full inspection as well as space-saving, open and user-friendly linear design.

Non-contact bottle alignment and swing-top inspection
For maximum hygiene, our inspectors are equipped with patented, non-contact container handling along the entire inspection path. Due to the further pre-programmable unlimited container adjustment, the changeover takes place automatically without additional format parts within a very short time.

TE tear-off ring check
For product safety in the case of containers with screw caps, the inspection of the connecting bars of the TE tear-off ring is a prerequisite for the integrity of the contents. Whether partial or full tear-off – the special camera technology of the FILL CHECK enables the integrity of the connecting bars of the tear-off ring on screw caps to be checked in addition to fill level and closure checking. 

Empty bottle inspector
Empty bottle and swing-top inspector
Swing-top inspector

This compact empty bottle inspector is the cost-effective and inexpensive alternative to much larger space-hogging and costly plants. It offers maximum performance combined with the smallest space requirement.

With empty bottle inspection and swing-top check, including logo recognition and inspection of sealing rubber, ceramic and bottleneck, the XPLORER² DUO is the universal space-saving alternative to two separate costly, space-hogging and operator-intensive inspection systems.

100 percent swing-top inspection including sealing rubber – this product safety requirement is met by the CLIP CHECK cost-effectively and in a space-saving manner with state-of-the-art inspection technology.

Empty bottle inspection and closure inspection

Swing-top inspection


  • Consulting/project planning
  • Development of individual, tailor-made customer solutions
  • Individual design and development according to the customer's wishes
  • Custom manufacturing of special inspection solutions
  • Individual software development on a universal PLC basis
  • State of the art camera, lighting and image processing technology
  • Mechanical engineering - made in Germany
  • EPLAN electrical design
  • Assembly/commissioning
  • Employee training
  • Maintenance
  • Remote service

Further inspection and transport components

Especially for plant modernisation in mid-size breweries and bottling companies, our inspection and checking components as well as individually planned transport solutions for bottles and containers offer the option to upgrade existing plants to the state of the art.

The assembly includes the linking of the control system to the existing plants.

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