We develop and manufacture
control components and switchgear

Switchgear construction 

We develop and manufacture control cabinets in-house for our own systems and to order for our customers

As a specialist for control and automation we work with a high manufacturing depth in our company. Our qualified electrical engineers, electrical technicians, electrical foremen and skilled workers ensure the creative implementation of wiring and PCB layouts on the one hand and the designing and professional wiring of power and control components such as terminal boxes, control consoles , control cabinets and large switchgear systems on the other.

Our services 

  • In-house manufacture of switchgear, distributors and control panels
  • Conversion and extension of existing systems
  • Installation of specific and tested components
  • Consideration of supplier regulations
  • Testing/measurement according to BGVA3 for permanently installed and mobile switchgear
  • Network/Ethernet installation
  • Fieldbus installation and testing

Eplan CAD Eplan P8

The basis for a reliably functioning system is our professional and careful planning of the switchgear/control cabinet with EPLAN as well as appropriate standard-compliant documentation. It includes: circuit diagrams with table of contents, parts lists and component lists as well as views of the mounting plates, control cabinets and a list of revisions.