Checking of crates, cartons;
trays, kegs and much more.

Incompletely filled containers – reliable reporting and ejection

The KS WEIGHT CONTROL monitors the weight of filled packages such as the outer packaging of beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and filled containers such as drums and bulk containers for mineral water.
It is a compact all-in-one solution that can be retrofitted at any time later into the existing conveyor belt downstream of the packaging station. If a deviation in weight is determined, this leads to ejection or to a plant stop. The stand-alone compact checking station has a precise, splash-proof platform load cell under the conveyor belt.


  • The type of package and package weight plus/minus weight tolerance are called up on the touch panel or entered manually
  • Packages whose weights lie within the prescribed standard are forwarded to the conveyor belt
  • Packages outside the set norm stop the conveyor belt or are propelled by a pusher onto an ejection belt


  • Space-saving, robust construction in stainless steel
  • Robust, splash-proof precision scales
  • The touch panel with simple, logical user guidance is multilingual
  • Simple type management
  • Integrated Ethernet interface for optional BDE data connection and remote maintenance
  • Integration into conveyor control system possible