Hygienic and economical
checking of swing-tops

Hygienic, fully automatic swing-top check and swing-top alignment

The CLIP CHECK was specially designed for mid-sized breweries and bottling plants and supplements the normal inspection of empty bottles by a speciality that considerably simplifies the production flow of swing-top bottles. On the one hand damage to and impressions in the swing-tops as well as dirty, damaged seals and their colour are reliably detected, while on the other the swing-tops are perfectly aligned for further processing.

Camera and LED lighting technology

In our CLIP CHECK swing-top check, XPLORER empty bottle inspector and XPLORER DUO swing-top and empty bottle inspector systems, the inspection steps are carried out by advanced CCD / CMOS cameras and long-life, energy-efficient high-performance LED lighting units.

Bottles of the incorrect colour and type or with damage and label residues are ejected by KS-pushers.

Our checking and inspection systems in a stainless steel compact design are extremely space-saving. This makes them suitable for installation in new plants as well as for retrofitting when modernising existing plants. All drives, from the washing machine through the pressureless merging to the filler, are controlled entirely by our systems and regulated according to the filler conductance. The ideal belt speeds can be taught. All control parameters necessary for this are controlled according to the type of container via the user interface.

Machine equipment

Detection system

State-of-the-art, extremely high-resolution CCD / CMOS cameras with GigE interfaces. Optimal detection with a bandwidth of 100 MB/s and 8-bit colour depth.

Image processing 

The machine has an internal high-performance PC with maximum detection quality thanks to tailor-made hardware and software.

Control cabinet

Our control cabinets are integrated in the machine and are individually adaptable to the respective requirements.

Control panel

21.5" touch screen with self-explanatory user interface, unlimited container type selection, vision and traceability function.

Faulty bottle ejection

Bottles of the incorrect colour and type or with damage and label residues are ejected by KS-pushers.

Bottle alignment station

For the exact positioning of the bottles, the bottles pass through a camera-controlled auxiliary belt station.