Sensor-based, flexibly positionable
label control station for servo-controlled
labelling machines

Sensor-based label control

Label Control S is a stand-alone, sensor-based label control station for low-cost retrofitting into the transfer path downstream of the labelling station. Container size determines whether it operates with one or two sensor stations which can be manually adjusted to the respective label positions. It is specially designed for revamping existing bottling plants and features state-of-the-art sensor
technology in its operation.

KS Label Control S comprises a main operating and processing unit and the required sensors for label controlling and synchronisation with machine and transporter (optional). The software includes the algorithms for detecting any missing labels as well as tracking software for operating a subsequent diverting system.

Performance: Up to 36,000 containers/hr

KS sensor technology
In special fields such as for low-cost label checking, we provide - in addition to our camera-supported inspection solutions - easy-to-integrate, sensor-based control stations which operate with all sensor-typical  benefits in an absolute fail-safe manner. They can be easily and flexibly fitted/retrofitted without any complex periphery technology at the conveyor downstream of the labelling station.