Swing-top inspector

A 100% inspection of the swing top, including rubber seal – the CLIP CHECK fulfils this requirement for product safety cost-effectively and reliably in a confined space. Thanks to the patented, contact-free clip positioning, it is possible for the first time to present the clip, the clip head and the rubber seal as well free of shadow, the prerequisite for a 100% inspection of damage to the clip (or its absence), internal and external logo recognition, as well as inspection of the rubber seal for damage, colour or non-existence.

Swin-top options

Own and external logo detection


A distinction can be made between own and external logos. If required, only own logos will be detected as IO“ Own material can be extracted e.g. under external bottling conditions.

Bottle neck inspection


The fact that the bottle neck is inspected with the clip raised means that all-round detection is ensured without any shadows being cast by the hanging clip.

Rubber seal inspection


A high-performance colour camera makes sure that detection regarding colour, cracks, contamination, rubber seal omissions, flaking  and damage to the ceramic at the centre of the rubber seal is full-proof.

The patented, raised clip position without any contact to the sealing surfaces at the bottle and cap ensures a 100% hygienic inspection of the swing-top.