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Modular all-rounder for heavy loads

Global Partner

iShuttleKS multi-carrier system for in-plant transport tasks in warehouse and production

Like the iLifterKS, the new, innovative iShuttleKS uses SLAM navigation. With the help of 270° laser scanning and state-of-the-art vision technology, the autonomous transport system immediately finds its destination. Additional safety components ensure collision avoidance and certified personal protection.

In-plant transport tasks in the warehouse and production are therefore infinitely feasible.

iShuttleKS features

  • Robust, modular building kit principle
  • Optionally 2D laser navigation or guideline-controlled steering
  • 2 safety laser systems for collision avoidance and personal safety
  • Various sizes and configurations
  • Energy supply with state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries
  • Non-contact charging function and efficient battery management
  • Scalable by integrating several conveying vehicles as a fleet solution
  • Networking with iMCSKS
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Personnel-friendly and simple maintenance
  • Simple integration in existing systems and infrastructures
  • Energy supply with state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries


Bringing and removing materials

Serving assembly stations

Storage of production products


Individual load capacity and equipment

The iShuttleKS makes use of a modular building kit to meet the most diverse requirements. Possible configurations are, for example, roller conveyors, platform trolleys, lifting tables, push & pull functions for goods or belt transfer units. And all that with continuous loads of up to 5 metric tons.